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Buying yourself a set of copper pans will also be a welcome, classic addition to your kitchenware. Professional chefs often prefer to use copper pots and pans during cooking, as copper is one of the best for retaining and conducting heat.

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Buying Copper Pans

If you’re thinking of buying yourself some copperware, make sure you look for the heaviest pans. Thinner and lighter copper is often a direct giveaway to poor quality products. It won’t last, so have good look around for the weighty pieces. Copper pans can be expensive, so consider your choice of product an investment, and always go for the best quality. However, you should note that many copper pans are lined with stainless steel or tin for sturdiness, and also to prevent any chemical reactions with certain acidic foods.

Which Pans to buy

Copper cookware comes in all shapes and sizes. You might like a kettle, a frying pan, a saucepan, a large cooking pot, or even something in cutlery form. Or why stop at one item? They’re a beautiful colour when lined up together, so go for the whole set! The earthy colour of the metal adds an ageless charm to any worktops, instantly turning your boring old kitchenette into a rustic French kitchen! Some copper kitchenware comes decorated with flowers or birds. The style of pan is a personal choice. Some people would rather have a fancier pan. Others insist that decoration detracts from the metals’ natural beauty. Either way, copper pots and pans are a beautiful and practical investment, which you’ll be using for years to come.

Copper Pan Choice

There are various styles and sizes of copper pans available:

Mini Copper Pans

The smallest are usually referred to as "Mini" pans, or Sauteuse. These are indeed very small, around 7cm in diameter, and usually used by chefs for melting butter, sauces, individual starters and puddings.

Copper Saucepans, Sauté pans and Sugar pans

Larger saucepans are of course available, with sizes ranging from around 12cm to 20cm. Copper saucepans usually come with a long handle, often made from a different material to copper (some in steel or even bronze). Some saucepans come also with a lid. A Sauté pan is very similar to a saucepan but much shallower. See our choice of copper sauté pans here. A sugar pan is also similar to a saucepan, with the only major difference being that this will have a lip or spout to make pouring easier.

Copper Frying Pans

There are several copper frying pans available too, usually with a long handle made from different material. The frying pans are available in sizes up to around 30cm. There are also shallow copper pans, similar in shape and style to a frying pan, but with 2 grip handles instead of the long handle, making it easier to put in the oven in required.

Copper Casserole Pans

Casserole pans usually come with a lid and 2 grip handles either side. The size of a casserole pan is usually done in volume / capacity in litres, typically being 0.8 litres up wards to 2 litres or more. A copper casserole pan is usually either round or an oval shape.

Using your Copper Pans

When you’ve got your copper pots home and are ready to cook with them, keep in mind a few of these handy hints:

  • Copper is surprisingly soft! As far as metals go, it’s one of the softer types, so do be careful when handling them, as they tend to dent easily.
  • Copper cools and heats much faster than other types of cookware, so use a lower heat setting on your hob.

Copper is such a good conductor of heat that there’ll be no need to heat the pan first. Also, make sure that you let all foods cool down to room temperature: the material is naturally non-stick, so use lots of butter or oil. The most important thing to remember is to clean your pots and pans immediately after cooking. You won’t be needing any special polishes or abrasives. When you’re cleaning your pans, just use a soft cloth and a light soap or detergent liquid. Or you could even try something more natural, such as mixture of lemon juice and salt, which will work just as well. Stay away from harsh brushes and pads. This will ensure your pans last a long time. And don’t just store your pans at the back of an old cupboard! Copper pots are stunning additions to your kitchen, so why not put up a shelf to show them off, or store them in a glass cabinet? You could even hang them from the ceiling for that traditional rustic feel!

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