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Casserole pans usually come with a lid and 2 grip handles either side. The size of a casserole pan is usually done in volume / capacity in litres, typically being 0.8 litres upwards to 2 litres or more. A casserole pan can be either round or oval in shape. We have found the very best copper saucepans around, from all the best retailers in UK. Our price checker is constantly updated, so you can find the best copper pans at the very best price.

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A casserole pan is a large, deep pot mostly used for cooking in the oven. The word casserole comes from the French word for pan or saucepan. These days the term casserole not onluy refers to the cooking pot, but sometimes to the actual food or recipe, which are cooked slowly in the oven, such as ragout, hotpot or the famous French cassoulet dish. Casseroles may be cooked covered or uncovered, hence all quality casserole pots come with a lid, and usually handles for easy lifting in and out of the oven. A casserole meal was often traditioanlly served in the casserole pan, and an attractive copper pan can be very effective for this.

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Mauviel make some of the best copper ware and cookware around. Their M'heritage collection uses all of their history, tradition and technology to create a wonderful range of cooking pots from copper and stainless steel - responsive and energy saving materials.

The M'heritage range includes various round and oval copper casserole pans with cast iron handles and are of course oven proof and dishwasher safe. These wonderful pans are made in France and come with a 25 Year Guarantee.

Copper Casserole Pan

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