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Copper frying pans are available in various sizes, up to around 30cm. A handle is important on any frying pan, and with a copper pan the handle is usually quite and made from material such as cast iron. We have found the very best copper frying pans around, from all the best retailers in UK. Our price checker is constantly updated, so you can find the best copper pans at the very best price.

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About Copper Frying Pans

Copper is the perfect material for high-heat, fast cooking such as frying. A copper frying pan will be a great addition to the cookware in any kitchen. For a pan that will offer a greater variety if uses, try to find one that is quite large in diameter. For example, a 30cm frying pan will allow you more scope than the small 12cm frying pans.

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The M'Heritage range of copper pans is manufactured by Mauviel in France, according to their family tradition and expertis. All Mauviel products are universally known for their high quality, and these copper frying pans are no different, being made from a high quality solid copper with a stainless steel interior. These quality materials promote the even distribution of heat. The build quality of these pans is second to none. For example, the stainless steel is plated to the copper with a uniform 2.5mm gauge layer over the whole pan, distruiuting the heat quickly and evenly, yet the cast iron handle will remain cool. This Mauviel copper frying pan comes with a cast iron handle, a 25 year guarantee, is dishwasher safe and oven proof.

Copper Frying Pan

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